• 12th Jul 2017

    The Peoples Powerhouse.

    Our Speaker

    Dame Louise Casey CB

    Director General, Casey Review Team

    Our Panel

    Melanie Dawes

    Permanent Secretary for DCLG

    Jo Miller

    SOLACE and Chief Executive Doncaster Council

    Lord Bob Kerslake

    UK Northern Powerhouse Advisory Board


The Peoples Powerhouse

12th July 2017

Discuss is proud to support the People’s Powerhouse event, a¬†convention for all the people who will deliver growth in the North.

The Peoples Powerhouse Convention is a collective response to unmistakable interest, enthusiasm and support for a much wider dialogue about how we all have a role to play to create growth in the North. The Peoples Powerhouse aims to shine a light on how we all work together to create good and inclusive growth in the North.

The event aims to send a clear signal to Government and policy makers that, whilst essential, a skewed focus on business deals, transport and property without mention of people, skills or communities will not create the kind of step change we need to see, nor will it create the kind of North we all want to live, work or do business in.


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