Nuclear power debate on video

Tristram Hunt v Douglas Carswell – our Autumn season opener

We have curated a fantastic autumn season for you, with a rich mix of topics for debate, discourse and discussion.

  1. On September the 17th at Manchester Central Library we present Tristram Hunt MP and Douglas Carswell MP, two of the real forward thinkers of politics to debate Corbynmania, the rise of UKIP and iDemocracy alongside Seamus Milne from our partners at the Guardian.

On September the 30th we present a debate about the market economy with Maeve Cohen from the Post-crash Economics Society at the University of Manchester, the Guardian’s Philip Inman and (hopefully) Tim Montgomerie from the Legatum Institute and the Good Right.

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We’re going nuclear on the 29th of October as part of Manchester Science Festival with a stellar line up featuring Dame Sue Ion of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Guardian’s environment editor John Vidal and Francis Livens from the Dalton Institute.

On December the 3rd we will host a debate on gambling featuring reformed gambling addict Paul Buck up against Wanda Goldwag from SENET Group.

Michael Taylor, founder of Discuss, said: “Two years ago we started this enterprise because we
wanted our great city of Manchester to think and to take seriously the issues in front of us and draw on our rich history as a city of ideas. To have packed out halls in Manchester, with excellent speakers, a partnership with the Guardian has been a real emotional triumph for us all. Our Autumn season is looking fantastic and we look forward to welcoming more of you to these fabulous forums.”

NOTES: Tristram Hunt is Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent Central and the shadow education secretary. He is the author of The English Civil War: At First Hand and the critically acclaimed Building Jerusalem: The Rise and Fall of the Victorian City and a regular history broadcaster. He is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a trustee of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

This is his second appearance at a Discuss debate, having successfully argued in 2013 that
Manchester’s intellectual gift to the world owed more to Marx and Engels than markets and enterprise.

Douglas Carswell is UKIP’s first and only MP. But as the author of iDemocracy, Douglas has also marked himself out as a free and original political thinker and a keen observer of insurgent political movements.